High Performance Coatings And Hydrographics

Check out our new Hydrographics service and our wide range of coatings for automotive, industrial and marine applications. For more information, please contact us using our online form or call our Brisbane office on (07) 3889 9298.
  • Hydographics Hydographics


    Hydrographics, or Water Transfer Printing, is a popular yet cost effective way of adding high end graphics and designs to a wide variety of substrates, including many different types of woods, metals, glass and plastics.

    We only use quality materials sourced from the leading Australian supplier Hydro Concepts and complete the entire process in-house. Let your imagination run wild with this product as the sky really is the limit!

    Our wide range of patterns include:

    - Carbon Fibre
    - Camouflage
    - Skulls
    - Flames
    - Holographic Designs and many more.

  • CermaKrome – Polished Aluminium CermaKrome – Polished Aluminium

    CermaKrome – Polished Aluminium

    Metallic ceramic polished to a high lustre with a stainless chrome appearance that will not rust.

    It can withstand temperatures of 760°C (1400°F).

    The best chemical and corrosion protection of any exhaust coating with excellent thermal barrier characteristics, providing a reduction in radiated heat with reduced under-hood temperatures, accelerated gas velocity resulting in an increase in fuel economy and HP.

  • Cerakote – High Heat Satin Black Cerakote – High Heat Satin Black

    Cerakote – High Heat Satin Black

    Advanced ceramic reinforced coating, which can withstand 1200°C (2400°F) making it the most efficient thermal barrier coating available.

    Increasing performance while extending component life makes this coating an excellent choice for turbo housings and turbo manifolds.

  • Dry Film Lubrication Dry Film Lubrication

    Dry Film Lubrication

    Our dry film lubrication process provides increased lubrication and reduced friction at loads in excess of 350,000 PSI while also aiding in the prevention of scuffing and galling.

    Commonly used for the following applications:

    - Valve Springs
    - Valve Covers
    - Piston Skirt
    - Conrod
    - Pushrod
    - Crankshaft
    - Sump
    - Windage Tray

  • Thermal Barrier Coating

    Thermal Barrier Coating

    These coatings provide excellent thermal characteristics without the tendency to crack or flake while increasing combustion chamber efficiency through more efficient oxidation of fuel. In addition the highly reflective surface provides minimal transfer of residual combustion chamber heat to incoming air fuel mass, thus reducing the chance of detonation which also aids performance. It also has excellent carbon shedding characteristics.

    Commonly used for the following applications:

    - Combustion Chambers
    - Inlet and Exhaust valves
    - Exhaust Port
    - Underneath Inlet Manifold

  • Custom Colour Powder Coating Custom Colour Powder Coating

    Custom Colour Powder Coating

    Offering no thermal, lubrication or friction characteristics, these coatings are primarily for visual appeal only while also providing protection against rust and oxidisation. Available in 6500 different colours.

    Applications are as large as your imagination, but some typical examples are:

    - Wheels
    - Rocker Covers
    - Inlet Manifold
    - Pulleys/Bolts/Brackets
    - Turbo Compressor Housing
    - Blow Off Valves
    - Throttle Bodies
    - Chassis and frames